#YARIM – Youth and Religion in Social Mediation
In light of the blatant progression of radicalisation and violent extremism across Europe over the past years this project aims at increasing the capabilities of youth actors to prevent the process of radicalisation in youth at risk. Factors leading to radicalisation have various origins and aspects, mainly linked to socio-economic, psychosocial, ideological and political variables. In order to curtail these processes, it is necessary to develop strong and lasting pushbacks.

The YARIM project’s goal in this context is to provide youth workers with a comprehensive and transnational program of training tackling these issues. To this end YARIM will process three innovative approaches that will include:

• Training organizations to support, on their territory, the increase in skills of youth workers to promote the consideration of religion among young people and the prevention of violent radicalization processes.
• Youth actors to enrich their methods of intervention with young people, in order to recreating the conditions for a positive dialogue, especially on religious issues, to bring out counter-narratives to actions of recruitment and ideologies extremes.
• Young people to develop their empowerment and their sense of recognition through expression and listening.

The project will be concluded in October 2019 by an International Conference that will take place in Brussels.

This two-year project is co-financed by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission and started in November 2017.