Exchange of experiences of people who work in initial vocational training.

Date:  1st June 2016
PlaceConvent de Sant Agustí
Hours: 10-14h

This meeting is framed in the project Talent Matching led in Barcelona by CEPS Projectes Socials  and co-funded by the European Commission, it aims to formalize a training curriculum for the European figure of “Mentor of professional orientation ” in the cultural and creative sector.

Based on a research / action approach and facilitating dialogue between different European cultural organizations and local sector, CEPS Social Projects in Barcelona organizes a first meeting to exchange experiences to further research on the definition of the role of the “Mentor of professional orientation ” in the creative and cultural sector.

Read the research report here.

The meeting is aimed at educators, trainers, professional training bodies, representatives of public policies and representatives from the cultural and creative sector, in order to give visibility to the actors and relevant experiences and place it in Barcelona in the context of the European network.

There will be a dynamic to facilitate the exchange and sharing of experiences in order to expand the possibilities offered to young people to access the cultural and creative sector by increasing existing services or thinking up new formats together.

This event is an opportunity to link up with the European project Talent Matching, which means helping to create a curriculum for training mentors and a European-wide digital training platform, open to all professionals who want to access it. I must say that the project is also an opportunity to connect to a local network with other educators and organizations in the sector.

The participants of the conference will have the possibility to receive updates on the results of the project being developed at European level and to participate in an international conference scheduled for February 2017 in Barcelona, with the assistance of experts from 8 countries Europeans.