Studies and research area is considered both transversally and uniquely. Transversally because results and processes are applied in the different running projects  and in the social and third sector as a whole and uniquely because it has an internal  structure that allows its development. In such a sense, it is crucial the partnership with Universities and Studies centres all over Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Discriminació i Internet. 2011
A study determining the main aspects to be considered when analyzing discrimination and racist attitudes on the Internet, especially on social networks. Study done for the Barcelona Council (To be published:,4022,259064949_760173120_1,00.html

PASSO – Indicators and Environment, 2009-2010

PASSO stands for Participatory Assessment of Sustainable Development Indicators from the Civil Society Perspective and it was conceived as an explorative concept, bridging participation, ecology and planning. The results of the research have been included in a report where CEPS, in cooperation with ITD, described the current situation of this issue in Spain.,

Cultural Industries Based in Distributed Social Networks, 2008-2009
Research on best practice (at international level) promoting cultural industries via distributed social network. It entailed the modelling of a transferring system and the identification of two pilot projects in South America using FOMIN funds.
For more information of the international contract with IADB, consult:

Demographic Impacts on Health and Social Services Provision, 2008
The European network EUROCITIES carried out a large-scale research project on the impact of demographic change on cities. This consolidated the concrete impact of demographic change on key areas of urban development. The overall research concerned social and health services, urban planning, housing, and urban job markets. ITD was in charge of the section on provision of Health and Social Services in 10 European cities.

MUVI- Developing Strategies to Work with Men Using Violence in Intimate Relationships, 2007-2008
Led by Bologna Town Council, this project and report focused on men’s behaviour in the context of partner violence. Member of the Steering Committee.

Participatory Democracy in Europe, 2006
This study dealt with innovative cases in the construction of participative democracy practices at local level as part of the Promotion of Active European Citizenship programme. Member of the Steering Committee.,10445?lang=en.

Setting Social Standards in the UE, 2006-2008
This study tackled the possibility of implementing minimum social standards across the European Union. We provided technical assistance.