3D printers is an innovative and very new and the understanding of both their technology and their learning is complex and must resort to specialists, although the media is between the trends of the “do it yourself” or broadcast which is the next industrial revolution in the “do at home”, the reality is that they require specific expertise.

This type of printer is a device that can print three-dimensional objects. For this, you need to program specific software, the specific measures of the 3D object and add exactly the amount of plastic required. The most common are those that use thermoplastic materials such as PLA or ABS.

The real revolution of this technology lies in two main issues: first, is that you can “play” objects, making them much more precise and identical, the second new objects can be manufactured and designed with 3D design programs.

The business opportunities offered by 3D printers are large, taking place in different sectors, so it is an opportunity to be able to work with a group of young people from this perspective.