In the framework of the project ‘Anti-discrimination pack 2.0’, co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission, CEPS Projectes Socials has implemented its first workshop in Barcelona:

“How and when to share: strategies for digital literacy of educators based on international experiences”

It took place during the international two day conference #BCNvsODI (Barcelona against Hate), organized by the Barcelona City Council on the 02nd and 3rd of March 2017.

The workshop was facilitated by co-directors of the I:CUD project: Juan Pedregosa and Gigi Guizzo from CEPS Projectes Socials. During the 2 hour session it addressed the following issues and questions:
If young people are digital natives and are always up to date on the latest new developments. What can educators contribute (in a broad sense) if a priori they have fewer abilities, skills and expertise than students? What type of positions, strategies and tools can they use for promoting non-discrimination, especially in social networks? How can they identify the main areas for implementing their initiatives? In what way can they support the work of others, including the European educational community, which has already followed this path? How to lose our fear of the digital gap? How to work and reflect without having adapted educational spaces?

Experience of the project I:CUD Internet: creatively unveiling discrimination shows that international cooperation and work among equals efficiently paves the way for educational work. The workshop will show several practical cases for tackling digital literacy, provide suitable materials for use (an educational kit against online discrimination) and illustrate these hypotheses with practical exercises geared towards action.

The ‘Anti-discrimination pack 2.0’ project will be implemented during 2017 and its main aim is to update the ‘anti-digital discrimination pack’ with new activities and more languages, implemented by a group of partners from five EU countries. More info about the project will be published her soon