The aim of the CLOSER project is to improve the quality of youth work and strengthen the capacities of youth workers in the context of social inclusion. As well as contribute to building a more inclusive society, raise awareness amongst young people and the general public on the issue of social inclusion. The project starts with an investigation conducted in the 5 countries of the consortium (Slovakia, France, Italy, Georgia and Spain) and continues with a compendium of good practices, training for youth workers in October 2016 in Marseille, the development of a communication kit for campaigns against exclusion and the organization of social inclusion weeks in May 2017.

Here is the communication cookbook, designed as a tool to NGOs, activists, youth workers and educators to expan their possibiilties.


Here a video from the event organized in Ciutat Meridiana, Barcelona on the 16t of May:

Event coorganized with CEPS Projectes Socials, CEESC, el Parlante, PES Cruïlla, and AcPpJ.

At the training course in Marseille, CEPS Projectes Socials held a one-day workshop on how to create a campaign, with the specific focus on designing the #CLOSER project campaign towards the week of social inclusion in May 2017. Project partners agreed on two new hashtags: #BeCLOSER and #BeIn_g to be used by all to join the many local campaigns into one.

The workshop material can be accessed here: How to create a campaign; Collection of existing campaign tool-kits; Examples of good and bad practices.

Here some images from Marseille:

More info: