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Win a trip to Bulgaria with the #RainbowErasmusPlus contest

We offer students (with the support of their teachers or educators) to design social media content for the #RainBowErasmusPlus campaign that seeks to combat intolerance, hate speech and discrimination, and raise awareness about social and civic values of the EU. Who can participate? Young people aged 14 to 19, studying in Spain. What should your team do? Design a digital product or tool (poster, slogan, video, flash mob, t-shirt design, etc.) for the #RainBowErasmusPlus social media campaign. When and how…

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#ACTIVproject event: for the (re) insertion of women survivors of gender violence

Workshop and joint reflection session for experts who work directly with women who have suffered this type of violence. When? Friday, 18th February 2022, from 9:45 am to 1:00 pm. Where? Espacio #Plantauno (Avenida Fabregada 22, planta 1. 08907, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona – face-to-face event if the health situation allows it, otherwise it will be online. Language: in Spanish and/or Catalan). Attendance subject to prior registration here. This is an event with a small number of people in a World Café format,…

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October 25, 2021 – #ChangeOfView local presentation

The CHANGE OF VIEW project aims to renew the methods of support for vulnerable groups, in particular the remobilization phase, the first step in any training program. The 6 partners of the project from 4 EU countries, Belgium, Spain, France and Luxembourg, contribute in their usual activities to one or more European priorities such as the fight against school and / or work dropout, the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace, the development of transversal skills and the…

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4 & 8 Nov 2021 practical workshop for teachers – #RainbowErasmusPlus project

Sing up for this two-day workshop for teachers and educators, with practical tips and free resources on how to explore civic and social values with teenagers (incl. human rights, prevention of hate speech, media literacy, etc.) 4th Nov – Theory and methodologies : RAINBOW project and elParlante‘s experience in the classroom and access to resources. 8th Nov – Practical tips and exercises : Dialogue about resources and co-creation of a concrete edu-communication project for the classroom (with Miro.com) based on…

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26 Nov 2020 – Press conference #HITproject

Event in Spanish and Catalan (hours from 11:00 to 12:00)   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MakingProjectsCEPS/live/ PRESS RELEASE CEPS Projectes Socials in Barcelona, invites media professionals, teachers, educators, young people and everyone who is interested, to participate in this event where the videos and other material created by young people against hate speech and behavior and racism will be presented, promoted by #HITproject (http://hitproject.eu/) 11:00 Welcome – gigi guizzo, CEPS, project coordinator in Barcelona 11:10 Presentation of the videos and actions of the…

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#HITproject best practice manual for youth empowerment

The Best practice Manual has been developed within the framework of the #HITproject for the empowerment of young people to counter hate speech. It is aimed at young people, local authorities, civil society organizations active in the field of human rights, including national contact points for the Hate Discourse Movement, media professionals, educators. The #HITproject promotes “Hate Interrupter Teams”: Young people countering hate speech towards migrants and minorities through a participatory and creative campaign (“HIT”). It is a 24-month project,…

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Foto or video competition #BCNconcursoFATI

Photo or video competition on social media: ‘we are intercultural’ #BCNconcursoFATI There is a growing nationalist, racist and xenophobic tendency in EU societies, which is undoubtedly expanded in recent years by the bad images on refugee and immigrant flows. At this time, Europe has a negative attitude towards migrations and the arrival of people from other countries. From the FATI Project we want to counteract these negative images, and promote interculturality and the inclusion of all people in our society.…

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Game against hate

Do you want to become a superhero of modern times to find fake news and learn to survive in the virtual world? Then the #wordsarestones games is for you! Download it here: BOARD GAME_Social Hero Player Guideline BOARD GAME_Newsroom Player Guideline #Wordsarestones #hatersfree #ijoin

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