In Declic’in project we work on building a 3D printer and use with a youth group. The printer you have chosen is the BCN3D, a printer that is part OpenSoruce called RepRap project.

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The 3D printers

3D printers is an innovative and very new and the understanding of both their technology and their learning is complex and must resort to specialists, although the media is between the trends of the “do it yourself” or broadcast which is the next industrial revolution in the “do at home”, the reality is that they require specific expertise.

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New international meeting for Access to rights and citizenship project

22ond and 23rd of October will be held an international meeting of the partnership of the project Access to rights and citizenship project where CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS is participating. The meeting will be held at the Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’émigration in Paris, France and we will be focused on the preparation of the final meeting and delivering of main products of the project.

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Seminari Drets polítics a la UE i consciència europea. 6/7/2012

In El Pati LLimona, it will be held an open seminar on the question of political rights linked to UE members in the frame of Access to rigths and citizenship project.

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Visit of Rumanian delegation studying prisons and cooperative sector

Identificació d’entrevistes, estructuració de programa, suport logístic i de traducció a una delegació de responsables de projectes socials, directors de presons, educadors i funcionaris per estudiar l’organització del model català, la relació amb el tercer sector i les possibilitats de la seva implementació futura a Romania durant el mes de juny de 2012.

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