Projecte Connecting youth.

CEPS took part in the  “Debate in the Neighbourhood training Circle” organized by IDEA in Amsterdam in Marchl 2015. The seminar was focused in the exchange of debate experiences and methodologies, with the purpose of stimulating its use as a transforming tool. The association IDEA organized trainings and activities to use and share techniques to facilitate the information exchange and management in a debate context, as well as to create spaces fot eh discussion and sharing of debate experiences managed…

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Community Governance for public safety

The European project “Community Governance for public safety” wants to face the different common challenges concerning citizens safety in many European cities and specially those richer in social diversity. Thus, they will be implemented different models of horizontal coordination and public participation adapted to the needs and resources of social diverstiy at community level. Project ends in December 2014. Locally, the project is managed by   CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS and it is implemented in  Barcelona, in  Raimon Casellas square, in the   Districte…

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First run and calibration

First run and calibration. 3. guia de puesta en marcha calibracion y recomendaciones from Oscar Martínez Ciuró Printing manual. 4. manual de impresion from Oscar Martínez Ciuró

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Extruder and details

Extruder building steps. 5. extruder and last details from Oscar Martínez Ciuró Electronic details. 4. electronics from Oscar Martínez Ciuró

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What is the impact of a changing world on employment and plans for the future of young people in Europe today? Assuming that the globalization of products and services also affects the processes of innovation and R & D. Internet and hyper and have brought and increased information flow exponentially. The increasingly ubiquitous accessibility causes more people access to more knowledge, it generates a pulse of innovation and rapid change processes. With Declic’in project partners are opening the doors to…

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I:CUD (Internet: Creatively Unveiling Discrimination)

The educational anti-digital discrimination pack is ready! Free, digital and available on ICUD project’s website: The project I:CUD (Internet: Creatively Unveiling Discrimination) co-financed by the ‘DG Justice: Fundamental Rights & Citizenship Programme’ of the European Commission, seeks to raise awareness and explore innovative ways of combating discrimination online, especially on social network sites (sns), by paying attention to its hidden manifestations. I:CUD is responding to an urgent need to carry out more research and projects about the phenomenon at…

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