***APLAÇAMENT DE L’ACTIVITAT FINS A NOVA DATA*** Taller de 8 hores on treballarem els principis bàsics de com aplicar l’eina dels Playmobil® i la mirada sistèmica dins la mediació i la resolució de conflictes. Preu: 80€ i pels associats al CEESC o ACDMA 50€. En aquesta proposta hi té cabuda la part teòrica i, sobretot, la part pràctica, ja que estarem utilitzant els Playmobil® amb dinàmiques per veure diferents opcions i la seva funcionalitat dins un procés de mediació. Docent:…

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#ReSolutionEU project

We present the #ReSolutionEU project in short: In view of the increased difficulty facing European actors in charge of social or professional support for people who are distant from employment, the ReSolution project aims to train professionals to innovate in (re) mobilization of these audiences. People who are distant from employment are a heterogeneous group within the population aged 15 to 64, whose socio-occupational integration is a major issue, particularly vulnerable young people “neither in employment, nor in education, nor…

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humanitarian banderol #FATIproject

humanitarian banderol #FATIproject The #FATIproject offers banderols for ‘Humanitarian aid award for migrants and refugees’, which is issued to organizations that are committed to offer support and humanitarian aid to migrants and refugees located in the countries of the project consortium and beyond.

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Foto or video competition #BCNconcursoFATI

Photo or video competition on social media: ‘we are intercultural’ #BCNconcursoFATI There is a growing nationalist, racist and xenophobic tendency in EU societies, which is undoubtedly expanded in recent years by the bad images on refugee and immigrant flows. At this time, Europe has a negative attitude towards migrations and the arrival of people from other countries. From the FATI Project we want to counteract these negative images, and promote interculturality and the inclusion of all people in our society.…

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Game against hate

Do you want to become a superhero of modern times to find fake news and learn to survive in the virtual world? Then the #wordsarestones games is for you! Download it here: BOARD GAME_Social Hero Player Guideline BOARD GAME_Newsroom Player Guideline #Wordsarestones #hatersfree #ijoin

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#USERSE : United Services for Social Enterprises

U S E R – S E “United Services for Social Enterprises”  “United Services for Social Enterprises” (USER-SE) is a project, created through a strategic partnership between six countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France and Greece. The project wants to address the main issues that limit the development of the social enterprise’s (SE) sector, such as the poor understanding of the role of this type of companies in society, the lack of visibility, the need for business development and support services such…

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¡¡Gana un viaje a Londres para 2!!

El concurso Words are Stones te invita a reemplazar el #hatespeech por #happyspeech! El premio es un viaje de dos días para 2 persona a Londres, con una visita a las sede de Facebook o Google. Con fotografía o vídeo, capta pintadas de discurso de odio y transformarlos en un mensaje positivo (ejemplos aquí) . Es fácil: Toma una foto o vídeo de una pintada con discurso del odio Edita la imagen para que se convierta en un mensaje positivo Envía tu fotografía/vídeo a: Dolores Forgione (…

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#hatersfree workshops

Join a #hatersfree workshop in Barcelona The workshop is aimed at young people, educators, and people who work with social networks and want to prevent and fight the hate speech on the Internet. In three and a half hours we will have time to: Detect hate speech on networks See what actions can be reported and how Discuss how to prevent or intervene Share good practices and ideas Participate in the  Photography competition (UE)  – Win a trip to London! Free workshop…

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