In Declic’in project we work on building a 3D printer and use with a youth group. The printer you have chosen is the BCN3D, a printer that is part OpenSoruce called RepRap project. The machine uses the principle of operation FDM to print any geometry layer by layer that is within your capabilities or volumetric resolution.

BCN3D The printer can work with ABS or PLA with layers of height between 0.15 (150microns) and 0.35 mm. It can be used with any 3D printing software is offered free but configured with Marlin firmware and Slic3r program.

This device allows us to enter and enjoy 3D technology unique pieces of prints at low cost within acceptable time.

Fields BCN3D work can range from the particular use, engineering, including architecture, artistic purposes, or own their own projects playback machine.