Learning for entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurial spirit and learning: two sides of the same coin

Barcelona, May 18th 2016
Entrepreneurial Spirit is a creative, innovative and bold mindset and approach which enables you to apply your ideas, competences and skills. It is something that has to be experienced and applied in everyday life. It is facilitated by entrepreneurial minded, open and enthusiastic trainers and teachers. We are currently exploring and developing “Learning for entrepreneurship” with teachers and trainers in VET and adult education all over the EU.
This conference will be a unique opportunity for you to experience proven techniques, innovative approaches and participative methods within the “Learning for Entrepreneurship” field.
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Day 1
18 May 2016


What’s next

Juan Pedregosa.
International projects director
CEPS Projectes Socials. Barcelona

Keynote Speech

What are we talking about when we talk about entrepreneurial spirit?

Stacey Robinson.
Entrepreneur and social activist.
Expanding Horizons. Liverpool. UK

Round Table

Migobi at a glance: aims, results and milestones

Marlies Auer.
Migobi project manager.
BFI OOE Linz. Austria

A research on learning for entrepreneurship in 8 countries

Marcin Jaźwiec.
Director of business-translation studies. Teacher and trainer.
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi. Łódź. Poland

Impact of International Methods on the local and national systems of adults education

Jean-Philippe Quadrio.
Training director
Alpes Formation. Lyon. France

Organisation of a Secondary School to enhance the development of entrepreneurial spirit

Jordi Musons.
Director Escola Sadako. Barcelona

Impact of entrepreneurial learning on professional sectors: culture and social education

Gigi Guizzo/Tomás Guido.
Cultural and international managers
Trànsit Projectes. Barcelona/Madrid

The importance of entrepreneurial spirit within Education

Paul Kidd-Hewitt.
Consultor and trainer

Coffee break



Session 1 – In the forest

How many possible solutions are there to solve a problem? Participants will be invited to think "out of the box" to find alternative ways to deal with a bad situation.
[Workshop in spanish and english.]

Levi Bettin.
Director, trainer, mentor, EU project manager.
Eurocultura. Vicenza. Italy

Session 2 – Music is for You & Me

How well do you know Barcelona´s twin towns and sister cities?
This workshop will allow you to enrich your soul with different cultures in the most tasteful way.
[Workshop in spanish and english.]

Cristina Almeida.
Trainer, mentor, EU project manager.
ISQ. Lisboa, Portugal

Session 4 – Knowing others is to know yourself

Workshop allows you to discover yourself in others. How to introduce yourself, applaud or put together a puzzle can get close to the other and yourself ?
[Workshop in Spanish]

Fede Nieto.
Trainer. PR3 international. Barcelona

Session 3 – Make your entrepreneurial spirit flow

If you want to buy any entrepreneurial skills at our skills’ auction, invent an entrepreneur and find out how to move if you get stuck…on an escalator join our workshop. We will present some techniques to discover one's entrepreneurial potential.
[Workshop in Spanish and English with simultaneous translation]

Martin Jazwiec. Director of business-translation studies. Teacher and trainer.
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi. Poland
Christina Lilja. ABF. Eslov. Sweden
Nicole Kroiß. Project coordination and training management.
VHS Oberösterreich. Linz. Austria.


Total Workshop: Wrap up with all participants

Share your thoughts and experiences in movement and literally take new ideas home with you.

Gabriele Einsiedler. Project manager, counsellor and trainer
Marlies Auer. Migobi project manager.
BFI OOE Linz. Austria