Learning for entrepreneurship.

Learning for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Spirit is a creative, innovative and courageous mindset and approach to apply ones ideas, competences and skills. It’s something that has to be experienced and lived and has to be facilitated by entrepreneurial minded, open and enthusiastic trainers and teachers. Learning for entrepreneurship is the path we are exploring, discovering and experimenting with teachers and trainers in VET and adult education all over the EU.

The Project

The project MIGOBI is a partnership of nine European countries in VET, adult education and higher education who want to contribute to Europe 2020 goals basically by developing an open, flexible, interactive and engaging learning module on developing and experiencing entrepreneurial spirit in intercultural learning settings combining approaches used in adult education and approaches used in VET. 

Addressing the challenge of enabling teachers and trainers in adult education and VET to implement entrepreneurial spirit as a transversal approach in various training settings and while teaching various subjects. A train-the-trainer course will be developed and tested both in European and in national settings with 140 trainers.

The Process


A research conducted in the 8 countries participating about Entrepreneurial Spirit development in adult education and VET – for learners and trainers.

Curriculum and training material

One is addressed for a train-the-trainer course in enabling teachers and trainters in adult education and VET to implement educational spirit as transversal approach and the other is addressed to learners that will be aligned to European transparency instruments (ECVET/EFQ).


140 trainers will test the curriculum and training material while 90 learners will participate in the development and implementation of the module.


All the materials will be compiled and shared with a Creative Commens Atribution-Sharealike license, there will be national conferences in the 8 countries participating and a final conference in Barcelona in 2016.

News: what's next

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