Antwerp Process

The project area is Antwerp North. Since the 1960’s the folksy neighbourhood has been marked by a turbulent history of socio-spatial transitions, and more recently, since the late 1990’s, by the cities urban renewal agenda. In this project we will analyse the different waves of urban change and more specifically the roles that certain key actors took up during this process, ranging from local residents to city officials and private developers, involved in a variety of ways in the dynamic process of urban transition. Doing so, the goal of the project is to be able to delineate certain ‘roles’ and accurately define ‘profiles’ that manifest themselves throughout such processes. We will analyse the different discourses associated with the identified profiles and their local engagement, in relation to the labour market. The results of this research should allow us to define a method to acknowledge or certify certain skills, acquired through active involvement in urban renewal processes, which can be valorised on the labour market in a less conventional way.

Local partner:



September 2016 – April 2017

Process approach:
  1. selection of cases of urban renewal in Antwerp North
  2. selection of stakeholders
  3. stakeholder interviews
  4. analysis of interviews and definition of roles and profiles
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