[Elephant Path]: Method ø state of affairs

[Elephant Path]: Method ø state of affairs

While we are working on a third portable version of the Game, a tool to identify skills and competences in a particular area, a quick update on what we tried until now.

The first version of the game put much emphasis on the link between companies and the activities participants liked to do in their spare time. It proposed a top ten of large companies in the local area, asked participants to tell us which ones they linked to, and on the other hand we asked what the participants are interested in. A final question asked for local experts in these interesting activities. The result is an intricate web of relationships, but not a real contribution to the Elephant Path we are tracing.

A second iteration focussed more on the individual, and proposed a series of categories and sub-categories the participant could be interested in. Then it asked the participant to rate his/her own expertise in this domain. It also made room for improvement by asking the participants which skills they want to improve.

A third game plans to be more portable, and contribute even more to the elephant path link between local resident and competences on the one hand, and companies on the other. Watch this space.

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