Youngsters, videos and documentaries on walks in the inner city of Barcelona

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In Barcelona, within the Culture Pilots project, a group of young people from the Fundación Bayt al Thaqafa, the Projecte Jove del Centro Cívico Convent de Sant Agustí and the Col·lectiu Les Pedres and youth workers from the Casal Infantil Pati Llimona, will participate, and create walks based on their experiences, retracing their steps around the neighborhood and events they take part in. To record the walks and the stories they want to tell, Barcelona participants are invited to a audiovisual workshop. By using simple means, such as a photographic camera, they will create a ‘web-documentary’ of about 4 minutes, which can be easily shared. The workshop will be given by the photographers from and is organized by the local partner Trànsit Projectes

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