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Can the city walks (Balades Urbaines Capitales) bring a region’s social and cultural players and economic leaders together to increase dialogue and partnership? That’s the burning question this programme aims to answer.

Both sides have much at stake, and much to gain. Social centres – an essential force behind social initiatives and community life – have an in-depth knowledge of their local areas, the people who live there and the issues they face. Companies – key players driving economic growth, employment and social integration – face a growing number of societal and environmental challenges that go beyond the physical boundaries of their facilities.

By asking companies to participate in this project (for example, having one of our guides lead a tour for employees of a company located in his district), we hope to promote both their regional presence and establish new types of partnerships that fit in with companies’ corporate social responsibility policies.

Our tour guides participated in the Salons CE (works council expo) held on 4 and 5 April 2013 at the Parc Chanot. Their goal was to meet some of the 20,000 works councils present and discuss how the walks around the region could benefit their companies.

See the interview with Clémence Gautier at the Salon CE.

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