Men against men’s violence against women!

Australia is a very inspiring country when it comes to addressing gender-based violence. You will indeed find in the resource section of our website many reports and initiatives developed by the Australian government in collaboration with companies to that aim.

They are also developing the White Ribbon campaign (that began in Canada), the only national male-led campaign against men’s violence against women. This campaign provides advices for men to engage against gender violence in every areas of the society, including the workplace. Among their many initiatives, they developed a specific White Ribbon Accreditation for workplaces that are taking active steps to prevent and respond to male violence against women.

Finally, they specifically studied the “Role of workplace equality in preventing men’s violence against women”. This report provides particularly interesting reflexions for everyone who would like to involve men in the fight against men’s violence against women in the workplace (which appears necessary to be efficient). In particular, it explores the difficulty to find the proper incentives for men to engage without reproducing masculine behaviours (such as being women’s protectors), but instead, addressing their own privileges.

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White Ribbon