Argentina rises up against femicide

Tired of the dramatic extent of femicide and male-violence committed against women, thousands of people marched across the country, in Chile and in Uruguay, to condemn gender-based violence.

In Argentina, a woman dies every 30 hours at the hand of her partner. While Argentina adopted a femicide law in 2012, its application remains poorly implemented. In late May, the 14-years-old girl, Chiara Paéz was killed by her boyfriend.

This umpteenth femicide fuelled anger across the country. The slogan “Not One Less” (#NiUnaMenos) was widely mentioned in the social media to express resent. Activist, journalists and NGOs involved in the issue of femicide and domestic violence in Argentina, united their voices in a statement emphasizing the prolific nature of this social plague nationwide. They used the hashtag #NiUnaMenos to call for a demonstration in front of the Argentinean Congress of the Nation. On 3 June 2015, thousands of people in more than 100 cities in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay took the streets, accompanied by politicians, NGOs, trade unions and celebrities. With concrete proposals and measures to put forward, the organisers hope to make femicide a national issue.

Ni una menos