Why involve companies?

Gender based violence affects all aspects of a woman’s life and her surroundings. As one of the main pillars of society, companies have a great power to support and influence people’s lives, and at the same time they benefit from happy employees.

What can companies do?

The “EU guide of best practises: companies fighting gender-based violence”, is a practical tool for companies to get involved in preventing and combating gender based violence.


The CARVE project brings together 8 partners from 7 EU countries, who will research, hold interviews and organize local events. Here you can find more info about each partner.


During the project partners will research about best practices in combating gender based violence at the workplace. Here you can find relevant material found during this process.


The findings conference and seminar took place in Brussels on the 16th of June 2016, to share experiences and present the best practices guide.