cesep soloCESEP is a recognised association of further education and social and professional integration. It officially implements the ICT mobilizing project (PMTIC : Plan Mobilisateur des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication). As a progressive association with democratic and progressive values, CESEP fosters active citizenship and collective action. Active citizenship implies a constant update of one’s knowledge and competencies as well as learning new ones to understand our society’s issues and challenges and be able to play an active role in it. This is being carried out through various actions: training the workers of the non-profit sector, more specifically of the social and social and cultural sector ; training job seekers ; supervising ; consulting ; producing analysis tools ; fighting the digital divide ; promoting open source software. Within this framework, CESEP takes an active part in various European and transnational projects. Its actions are supported by the Walloon region (Région wallonne), the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and European union.
Centre Socialiste d’Education Permanente ASBL
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LogoCityMinedCity Mine(d) is a platform for urban interventions. It emerged in 1997 from a network of community activists, architects and artists with as founding aims the revitalisation of deprived areas in large metropoles through interventions in public space. Its work has since gained acclaim for its impact on urban governance, its pioneering role in social innovation, or its new approach to urban development. City Mine(d) already delivered over 100 projects in 23 European cities, and organises networking and exchange between initiatives active in urban public space. City Mine(d) currently has offices in Brussels and London. Follow this link for more information
gretaThe GRETA du Velay is a regional group of 21 public educational establishments under the wing of the Ministry of education. It employs 45 permanent trainers and more than 200 free-lance trainers, and is specialised in elaborating training and development projects for answering the needs of adults workers and SME in the south of the Auvergne Region. A large variety of training fields are covered in industry, business and administration, services, information technologies, hospitality, care, construction. Transversal expertise includes training needs analysis, course design, community development, tutors training and implementation of e-learning services. It is member of the GRETA network covering the whole French territory. Since 1992, it is implementing innovative actions, education and research projects in an international context to adapt the competences of workers to the evolution of technologies and markets. It is the promoter of the FormaLab concept: a Fablab for supporting learning activities. The Greta du Velay has a specific transversal department for managing innovative projects. More information on all activities and references is available on
LOGO_ITD_3The ITD mission is to transfer and to develop new models and projects of social, cultural, educational and economic development. From a local perspective, the company aims to increase the welfare of citizens by concrete and integrated answers to the needs of people, organisations and territories, transferring the experience and the knowledge of their associated organisations. The main medium used is capitalisation of knowing the best developed practice in their reference field, via a strategy based on transference. ITD activities are based on a constant dialogue between excellence models and successful acts, and finding innovative solutions for the necessities of the client, specially in Europe and Latin America. To reach these objectives, ITD provides two basic and related systems: technical assistance and consultancy in its fields of reference and intervention or direct implementation of the required services. |
transitTRÀNSIT PROJECTES mission is to facilitate the access to the social and cultural capital of the citizens by the empowerment of people, the support to organisations and territorial development and innovation. It combines the management of a number of cultural and community centres in Barcelona area, cultural and creative productions and international vocation, specially in Europe and Latin America. | www.transit.es