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Expanding a CiutatBeta project: #SentAntoni

This year’s CiutatBeta (the BeLearning training process of Trànsit Projectes in Barcelona) is currently on its post-workshop phase and after having made the main activities of this phase, the participants keep on working on their projects. One of them, @sararcosmen, has written a text that may be included as a chapter of the book “Living […]

From icebreaker to hackathon, co-creative brainstorming renews

Have you ever heard of “barcamp”, “world café”, “forum ouvert” or “hold-up”? Because this is the animation of technical meetings, meetings or workshops renewing the format and methods generally used to discuss and stimulate collective creativity. What put an end to the acute syndrome meetingitis suffered some organizations? The brainstorming, it has been The forum […]

BeLearning implementation proposal: Greta du Velay

The implementation of the BeLearning methodology in Greta du Velay is foreseen as follows: Context of training: Formalab methodology has proved to be efficient with young adult learners facing cognitive difficulties. BeLearning will expend the methodology with other groups of learners in vocational training schemes on a transdisciplinary approach. Objective: Sensitize vocational trainers and learners […]

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Segunda sesión de CiutatBeta, belearning en Barcelona

La segunda sesión de CiutatBeta –la implementación del formato Belearning en Barcelona– se realizó como taller presencial en el CCCB el día 25 de octubre de 2013. Esta sesión consistió en un taller sensorial para explorar la negociación a traves de las habilidades y competencias. Objetivo: A partir de un juego de roles se busca […]

Localism Act

When the current UK government signed its coalition agreement in 2010, this included the ambition “to completely recast the relationship between people and the state”. This sentence articulates the ambition to make the state leaner by both spending cuts and re-structuring of the state. While cuts grabbed most media attention (and public anger), attempts are […]