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Technologies to promote citizen participation

Technologies to promote citizen participation

The issue of information technology and communication for citizen participation and democratic debate is in vogue at the junction of need to renew democratic practices towards more openness and participation and the development of new uses of interactive tools from Web 2.0. The use of digital environments can encourage new forms of sociability, support, and […]

Technologies to facilitate learning

Technological, economic, social and cultural changes lead and require the learning of new skills. New knowledges are difficult to squeeze in a limited program. This implies that we need to help learners to manage knowledge: how to find, analyze, evaluate and apply them as they are constantly changing and growing. The second point is the […]

Learning, technology, sustainable development

Sustainable development appears to be the major challenge of our time, and our world as a whole. In Africa, these past five years, the installation of fiber optic cables and infrastructure has enabled unprecedented degree of connection of the African continent. Internet access costs have fallen and new markets have opened in the fields of […]

Coworking and training

In an economic environment constantly changing, keeping up to date the knowledge level of corporate stakeholders is a constant challenge for human resources management. This gives the training plan a strategic nature for the company. Management training plan is complex and must integrate various parameters related to the specificity of the sector and the legislative […]

Coworking and innovation

Coworking and innovation

Coworking is a type of work organization that combines two concepts: a shared workspace in a suitable physical space (connectivity , IT), and a network of workers couraging trade and openness. The idea behind is to allow self-employed workers not to remain isolated at home and be able to find in this place and through […]