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Pictures: Local acivities London

Pictures: Local acivities London

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Pictures of the workshops in London

Here’s a collection of pictures of the two BeLearning workshops that took place in London last month. One of the basic thoughts for those workshops was the creation of a learning environment where there could be an exchange of knowledge among the participants. The workshops consisted of 4-hours sessions about the treatment of local issues […]

BeLearning learning process at CityMine(d)

The context Planning and designing public space has increasingly become a technical matter, in which safety, security, prevention and sustainability have to find a place along urban infrastructure of traffic, energy and water, preferably in an international appealing aesthetic. Accommodating the subjective experience of local residents/users in this context is difficult, to say the least. […]

Localism Act

When the current UK government signed its coalition agreement in 2010, this included the ambition “to completely recast the relationship between people and the state”. This sentence articulates the ambition to make the state leaner by both spending cuts and re-structuring of the state. While cuts grabbed most media attention (and public anger), attempts are […]