Towards the final Conference

So far this year the main workshops and actions within the BeLearning project have been made. As part of the post-workshop activities from all the partners there’s the aim to prepare materials for the final Conference that will take place in Barcelona next June 18th and 19th. It will work specially as a conclusion of the whole project which, considering its philosophy of expanding knowledge and practises, will be about what to do next. Where do the BeLearning learning processes lead both the participants and their working and living environments to?

Our partners have already begun to bring up some ideas and main concepts such as co-creation in the context of a growing city. Growing by social means – empowering citizens within collaborative projects for social inclusion and economic sustainability. Who should be working on such kind of process is what one of our partners at CityMine(d) (London) has written about on his article ‘Skills and legitimacy‘.

From now on we will be updating new information about how the first results of the BeLearning workshops are leading the project towards the final Conference. You can follow up these updates looking at the ‘latest posts’ section on the main page of this site, as well as on our accounts on Twitter and Google+.