BeLearning learning process at Gréta du Velay

What’s it about?

The BeLearning activity at Gréta du Velay aims at accompanying a group of VET learners, teachers and trainers in the creation of a fab lab to be a tool to implement innovative educational activities.

Main objectives

This training process started by sensitizing vocational trainers, teachers and learners to the fab lab concept and to its possibilities to foster employability. Thus they are trained to understand what is a fab lab, how can it work on a daily base and on what kind of projects can it be implemented into. Together, teachers, trainers and learners shape the implementation of a fab lab on their town, as well as planning the integration of fab lab activities into traditional vocational courses.

Learning process schedule

Open sharing phase

The learning process started in November 2013 with the organization of a web page gathering resources for the learning process (method, information about fablabs, links of educational fablabs and other experiences) and communication facilities.

Workshop phase

In December a meeting of teachers and trainers (10/12/2013) was followed by an open workshop (18/12/2013).

Post-workshop phase

After that, the learning process is now being developed through online exchanges on forums.

Who are the participants?

Teachers and trainers from local VET organizations participating together with their learners. The participants get involved in the process not only by joining in the organized face-to-face training sessions, but also taking part of the online forums, both interacting with each other and suggesting new forum threads.