The AHEAD project had four principal aims, which were monitored by the scientific comission:

1 To elaborate a White Paper about local policies against homophobia, by collecting best practices.
2 To systematize and evaluate the development of innovative LGTB local public policies (see local actions section).
3 To carry out a feasibility study on the creation of a European network.
4 To reflect on intersectionality on the basis of LGTB local public policy experiences.

At the beginning of 2010 information was gathered from EU local governments about their experiences and methodologies (procedures, processes or the creation of structures) to reduce discrimination against LGTB collectives.

In order to elaborate the White Paper, local administrations from EU countries were asked to collaborate by providing information about: their experiences of actions, their methodologies and their tools employed to reduce discrimination against LGBT collectives. You can see the form here:

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As a result of the research the White Paper includes a collection of the most represetnative best practices that were found across Europe.

Some additional research material can be accessed here: RESEARCH