Local Actions


Within the framework of the AHEAD project, Barcelona City Council has carried out five case studies.

The results (free guides and reports) can be downloaded from the RESULTS section on this website.

The five study themes were:

1. Elaboration of the Barcelona Municipal LGBT Plan
2. Gender and LGBT perspectives in child and youth educational training
3. Training moduls for home care staff
4. Interventions in centres for the elderly
5. Collecting good practices in the police force

For more details see pdf on this page.

The studies were supervised by:

Public Policies & Government Institute (IGOP)

Autonomous University of Barcelona

The Public Policies & Government Institute (IGOP), created in 2001, is an interdisciplinary research institute that belongs to the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). It draws together professors and researchers from different social sciences backgrounds, mainly political science and sociology, but also geography, economics, anthropology and environment sciences, among others.

IGOP’s main aim is to be a place for the production and the exchange of knowledge, committed to rigour and scientific excellence. It focuses its research activities on governing processes, policy-making and citizen participation. More specifically, it has a wide range of interests regarding scales of governance (EU, state, regional and local), the range of sectoral policies (social, environmental, education and youth policies) and the involvement of political and social actors in the processes.

Contact person: gerard.coll@uab.cat


Within the framework of AHEAD project, Cologne City Council carries out case studies, which are supervised by: Stadt Köln – Mayor’s Office – Office of International Affairs

The department of International Affairs of the city of Cologne is part of the mayor’s office. International Affairs is in charge of the coordination of the 23 twin city ships of Cologne, the accomplishment of local work in the context of Europe and as well counselling in international fields. The second task covers the development and the accomplishment of European projects and the representation of municipal interests by working with international city networks of European and International Institutions.

The European projects should guarantee the implementation of European values which are laid down in the treaties. Therefore we want to support the interdiction of discrimination by implementing AHEAD.

Contact person: Dr. Barbara Möhlendick (barbara.moehlendick@stadt-koeln.de)

Department for Social Affairs, Integration and Environment

The department for social affairs, integration and environment consists of eight different offices, named: office for social affairs and elderly people,health office, offices for housing and public utility agency, environmental and consumer protection office, intercultural unit, commissioner for the disabled, office for work safety and a branch office of the city consortium for lesbians, gays and transgender. In the future we want to create a new unit for lesbians, gays and transgender (LGT) based on the council order in December 17th in 2009. This unit should generate a new concept to the development of the LGT policy in Cologne. In addition it should coordinate the employment of lesbians, gays and transgender, accomplish public relations and it should also be a contact person to NGO’s. Furthermore we want to counsel LGT in the city administration and therewith we like to create a representation of interests in the bodies of the city.

The department also supports the environmental protection by implementing different projects in this field (e.g. entering low emission zones and ÖKOPROFIT).

Contact person: Christian Rahmfeld (christian.rahmfeld@stadt-koeln.de)


Im Rahmen des Europaprojektes AHEAD führt die Stadt Köln eine Reihe von Studien aus die von den folgenden Dezernaten beaufsichtigt werden:Stadt Köln – Amt des Oberbürgermeisters – Büro für Internationale Angelegenheiten

Das Büro für internationale Angelegenheiten ist dem Dezernat Oberbürgermeister zugeteilt. Der Haupttätigkeitsbereich liegt zum einen in der Koordination der insgesamt 23 Städtepartnerschaften der Stadt Köln, der Durchführung kommunaler Europaarbeit, sowie in der beratenden Tätigkeit im internationalen Bereich. In den Bereich kommunale Europaarbeit fallen die Entwicklung und Durchführung von Europaprojekten und die Vertretung kommunaler Interessen mit Hilfe der internationalen Städtenetzwerke bei den Europäischen und Internationalen Institutionen.

Durch die Europaprojekte sollen europäische Werte, die in den Verträgen festgelegt sind, umgesetzt werden. So soll das AHEAD Projekt das allgemeine Diskriminierungsverbot fördern.

Kontaktperson: Dr. Barbara Möhlendick (barbara.moehlendick@stadt-koeln.de)


Within the framework of the AHEAD project, Turin City Council carries out case studies, which are monitored by the: Lgtb Office to overcome discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

The Lgtb Office was set up in 2001 on recommendation of the Coordinamento Torino Pride Glbt (Coordinator of LGTB Associations in Turin), and it belongs to the “Equal Opportunities and Gender Policies Section” of the City Council. The office was created to answer the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender individuals, in order to improve the quality of life and create a social climate of respect and free of prejudice. The office carries out information and public awareness campaigns aimed at the entire population, and promotes in particular cultural initiatives, and the implementation of training activities aimed at civil servants and teachers. It also prepares educational activities for young people to challenge homophobia, with special attention to the world of schools. It furthermore imparts social inclusion and employment actions for transsexual and transgender people. The Lgtb Office reaches its goals by networking with: other local administration sectors, the Province of Turin, the Piedmont Region authority and Coordinamento Torino Pride Glbt. In order to disseminate and share good practices on a national level, it is a member of Italian R.E.A.D.Y network (National Network of Public Administration for sexual orientation and gender identity).

Contact person: Susanna Rorato – Susanna.rorato@comune.torino.it
LGTB Office: serviziolgbt@comune.torino.it


Inpartiti e supervisati da:

Comune di Torino
Servizio Lgbt per il superamento delle discriminazioni 
basate sull’orientamento sessuale e sull’identità di genere


Il Servizio è stato istituto nel 2001 su proposta del Coordinamento delle associazioni gay, lesbiche e transessuali torinesi (ora Coordinamento Torino Pride Glbt) e fa parte del Settore Pari Opportunità e Politiche di Genere. Si propone di rispondere ai bisogni delle persone omosessuali e transessuali, contribuire a migliorarne la qualità della vita e creare un clima sociale di rispetto e confronto libero dai pregiudizi. In particolare il Servizio, che svolge attività di informazione e sensibilizzazione pubblica rivolta a tutta la popolazione, promuove iniziative culturali, realizza attività di formazione rivolte ai dipendenti della Pubblica Amministrazione e agli insegnanti, predispone attività educative e di contrasto all’omofobia rivolte ai giovani con particolare attenzione al mondo della scuola, mette in atto azioni di inclusione sociale e lavorativa per le persone transessuali e transgender. Il Servizio persegue i suoi obiettivi attraverso un lavoro di rete con gli altri Settori dell’amministrazione comunale, con la Provincia di Torino, con la Regione Piemonte e con il Coordinamento Torino Pride. A livello nazionale, il Servizio Lgbt lavora con la rete R.E.A.D.Y (Rete Nazionale delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni per orientamento sessuale e identità di genere) per la diffusione e la condivisione di buone prassi in Italia.

Persona da contattare: Susanna Rorato – Susanna.rorato@comune.torino.it
Servizio LGTB: serviziolgbt@comune.torino.it