El Consell Municipal de Gais, Lesbianes, Homes i Dones transsexuals, format per una cinquantena d’entitats, els grups municipals, partits polítics i sindicats, ha destacat “el procés seguit al llarg dels darrers 18 mesos” per a la elaboració d’aquest pla, que es debatrà al plenari de juliol. +info ——————————————————————— Gay Pride […]

Les entitats de gais, lesbianes, transsexuals i bisexuals avalen el ...

Information currently only available in Catalan and Spansih This web site gives relevant information about the Board: its functions, its members, its organization and how to participate. It also features activities and projects organized by the board, teh City Council and LGTB Associations. +info ———————————————————————

The LGBT Board has a new web site!

29th April 2011, Turin, Italy We anounce the oficial presentation of the original English Version White Paper: ‘Combating Homophobia. Local Policies for Equality on the grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.’ Please access +info for the programme and registration form. The Catalan, Spanish, Italian and German translation of the […]

White Paper Presentation LGTB