CEPS provides training for professionals in the fields of education, culture and promotion of welfare (including e-learning). Training actions are designed for professionals in order to give effective responses to their needs, as determined by studies carried out in the sectors of reference. CEPS is also involved in different masters and postgraduate studies at different Universities in Spain.

On the other hand, CEPS has an special interest in promoting innovation and development in activities related not only with vocational or further training but also for development of projects for adults education, blended learning and elearning systems.

Training activities are divided in:

  • Further training for professionals in the welfare sector all over Spain(education, social services, culture). Average per year is about 80 courses (20 hours each) since 1998.
  • Research/pilots projects: addressed to the development of specific aspects of training or education in the fields of reference.

Most innovative methodologie used is BeLearning, a learning environment to experiment, share and create own learning and teaching solutions. More info at belearning homepage.