Strategic partnerships

Our experience has provided us with in-depth knowledge of a wide range of local, regional and national agents, both in private and public sector. CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS collaborates regularly with universities, NGOs, local governments, development agencies, activists, communities, and research centres at European and Latin American level mostly, all of whom are our travel companions for different projects. We have permanent and real partners, with whom we have shared many projects or initiatives, in almost all countries of the European Union, Latin America and North Africa.

CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS is a member of several networks and alliances in:


  • REVES. European network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy. REVES mission is to represent, defend and promote the common values of its members vis-à-vis European and Internationals institutions.


  • EJE CENTRAL. Fostering cultural entrepreneurship and fighting against social exclusion with partners from Peru, Chile and Bolivia.
  • REDESEARTE PAZ. Network of cultural centres trying to introduce community works in liaison with artistic and cultural procedures.


  • Federation for the Care and Education of Children and Adolescents (FEDAIA). The Federation of non-profit organizations in Catalonia dedicated to the care and education of children and adolescents at risk of becoming homeless. Member of the Board. FEDAIA.
  • Social Welfare Municipal Council of Barcelona, Children and Family division. Representing FEDAIA.
  • Trade Unions Association for Social Initiatives in Catalonia. Member of the managerial board, which incorporates the title of the vice presidency.
  • Association of Catalan organisations for social action: AECAS.
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Work with us

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