International Projects

The aim of the Talent Matching project lead in Barcelona by CEPS Projectes Socials, is to design, test and validate
CEPS took part in the  "Debate in the Neighbourhood training Circle" organized by IDEA in Amsterdam in Marchl 2015. The
The European project "Community Governance for public safety" wants to face the different common challenges concerning citizens safety in many
What is the impact of a changing world on employment and plans for the future of young people in Europe
The educational anti-digital discrimination pack is ready! Free, digital and available on ICUD project’s website: The project I:CUD (Internet:
International coordination and international conference. The project objective is to produce a white paper that includes recommendations and best practices
Exploring the possibilities of interaction between MEPs and members of civil society (young people and excluded people) from the making
Its main aim is to investigate, in a participative way, with associations and people from the romanian community, which is
Delegation of responsible of social project, directors of prisons, educators and civil servant in june 2012 study the organisation of
Above a list of the main international projects where CEPS has participated. Local Forums for Participatory Democracy, 2009-2010 This project
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Work with us

CEPS Projectes Socials disposa, en aplicació de la legislació vigent, d’un canal de denúncies que garanteix la confidencialitat. Si creus que s’ha comés o s’està produint una infracció, ho pots comunicar. Canal de denúncies