What is the impact of a changing world on employment and plans for the future of young people in Europe today? Assuming that the globalization of products and services also affects the processes of innovation and R & D. Internet and hyper and have brought and increased information flow exponentially. The increasingly ubiquitous accessibility causes more people access to more knowledge, it generates a pulse of innovation and rapid change processes. With Declic’in project partners are opening the doors to teens to participate in these “new” industries.

Declic’In Project partners believe in a vocational training system capable of meeting the expectations of European industries – while the social impact of rapid social change may be limited as much as the economic recovery needs.

What is our view on practice learning and development for the near future? Blended learning is seen as a direct exchange and the communication channel between different media types – and is therefore an excellent tool for the development of skills, both online and offline. We see a world where increasing numbers of people are about to be engaged in specialized fields of learning and instructional design. All this will be an imperative for rapid responsiveness to current innovation processes. People with different educational backgrounds and skills will meet and establish ad hoc laboratories based on their current needs.

Declic’In partners invite young people to build their own 3D printers create production processes. Therefore, teens gain practical experience with the mechanics, electronics and design. They also learn to work in teams, how to develop professional attitudes and how to develop skills to embark on industrial environments, design and automation. Besides working together in the European framework, each partner agrees to forge ties with local organizations for education and professional industry.
Having thus created a stream of valuable documentation and ongoing evaluation of the process, our goal is to develop a proven method for career guidance and motivation. More information in: http://declicin.info

Declic’In is a project with:

Le Greta du Velay, laboratoire Pédagogique (FR)
CEPS, Barcelona (ES)
Timelab, Gent (BE)
Droit et Devoir, Mons (BE)
Nieuwland Automatisering, Wageningen (NL)
BBAG, Berlijn (DE)

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