International actions

MIGOBI: learning for entrepreneurship

The project MIGOBI is a partnership of nine European countries in VET, adult education and higher education who want to contribute to Europe 2020 goals basically by developing an open, flexible, interactive and engaging learning module on developing and experiencing entrepreneurial spirit in intercultural learning settings combining approaches used in adult education (open processes, learner centred) and approaches used in VET (outcome oriented, efficient). This module is designed to facilitate exchange between different learners on their values and attitudes concerning…

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International conference on Digital Discrimination and Social Networks

The ICUD project’s international conference on Digital Discrimination and Social Networks took place on 13th and 14th March 2014 in Barcelona. Academics, researchers, activists, youth workers, Internet and social networks experts, members of NGOs, knowledge providers and anyone interested in the issues surrounding discrimination on the Internet and especially social network sites participated at this event. The objective of the conference was to invite participants to actively share current experiences and research and push forward our knowledge to fight discrimination. This was the…

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European Cultural Learning Network: vocational educacion and training for culture

The European Cultural Learning Network (ECLN) has been established to explore the vocational education and training issues that are relevant to ‘Cultural Learning’ practitioners, and the organisations that employ them. ‘Cultural Learning’, comprehends the whole range of artistic and cultural learning that is delivered by artists and creative people within the informal, non-formal, or formal learning situations. The ECLN approach to the mapping of Cultural Learning was to create an ecological model. This connected 3 generic rationales for Cultural Learning (generalist: fun,…

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Creative actions for a SAME World for all people!

#sameworld #EYD2015 Climate Change, Environmental Injustice, Rights of Nature, Refugee and Migrant Rights…these are connected issues relevant to us all, but they are often presented in isolation. It is time to take action and see the connections. Environmental Justice is a key issue, but what does it mean? Basically, it means that all people have the same access to safe and healthy living conditions. However, at present, some people are enjoying the benefits of development: energy, clean water, and high…

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The training of disadvantaged young people in the cultural sector

Exchange of experiences of people who work in initial vocational training. Date:  1st June 2016 Place: Convent de Sant Agustí Hours: 10-14h This meeting is framed in the project Talent Matching led in Barcelona by CEPS Projectes Socials  and co-funded by the European Commission, it aims to formalize a training curriculum for the European figure of “Mentor of professional orientation ” in the cultural and creative sector. Based on a research / action approach and facilitating dialogue between different European cultural organizations and local…

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International “Talent Matching” event in Barcelona – 3rd February 2017

Mentoring Experiences and other tools to facilitate the access to the creative and cultural sector. Date: 3rd February 2017 Venue: Centre Cívic Pati Llimona, C- Regomir 3, 08002 Barcelona Time: 9:30 to 14:00 Organized by: CEPS Projectes Socials Thank you to all participants for an inspiring exchange of experiences. Here a summary of the day. Below some fotos and the original programme. More updates about the project  soon on this site. The aim of the Talent Matching project lead in Barcelona…

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Talent Matching: Vocational mentoring for IVETs in Europe’s creative and cultural industries

The aim of the Talent Matching project lead in Barcelona by CEPS Projectes Socials, is to design, test and validate a new training programme and EQF-aligned standards of competency framework for Vocational Mentors that support young disadvantaged people into Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) in Europe’s Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs). For more information about research and actions done in Barcelona, access here. On the 1st July 2016, the partners held their second meeting in Rijeka, Croatia, which has…

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Projecte Connecting youth.

CEPS took part in the  “Debate in the Neighbourhood training Circle” organized by IDEA in Amsterdam in Marchl 2015. The seminar was focused in the exchange of debate experiences and methodologies, with the purpose of stimulating its use as a transforming tool. The association IDEA organized trainings and activities to use and share techniques to facilitate the information exchange and management in a debate context, as well as to create spaces fot eh discussion and sharing of debate experiences managed…

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Community Governance for public safety

The European project “Community Governance for public safety” wants to face the different common challenges concerning citizens safety in many European cities and specially those richer in social diversity. Thus, they will be implemented different models of horizontal coordination and public participation adapted to the needs and resources of social diverstiy at community level. Project ends in December 2014. Locally, the project is managed by   CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS and it is implemented in  Barcelona, in  Raimon Casellas square, in the   Districte…

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What is the impact of a changing world on employment and plans for the future of young people in Europe today? Assuming that the globalization of products and services also affects the processes of innovation and R & D. Internet and hyper and have brought and increased information flow exponentially. The increasingly ubiquitous accessibility causes more people access to more knowledge, it generates a pulse of innovation and rapid change processes. With Declic’in project partners are opening the doors to…

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