Interview with the soicologist Carmen Fructuoso

“Convergent perspectives on socio-educational actions” This month we have interviewed Carmen Fructuoso, a great sociologist from La Periférica Association and collaborator in the #Changeofview_eu and #ReSolutionEU projects. During the interview we talk about La Periférica Association and its networking strategies to be able to reach as many people and structures as possible. We also treat games as a pedagogical tool for people in a risk situation as part of the Change of View project. In additton, we learned how to…

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#Gaming4skills: the use of video games at the classroom

#Gaming4skills project The use of games in education or to improve people’s skills has a long history, but lately, the educational potential of video games has gained some attention. After a huge wave of educational games in the 1990s, the focus is now on the potential use of video games in a classroom context. Although there are already many teachers in favour of their use, how to introduce them still generates some confusion. Firstly, teachers need guidance in using video…

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#VXdesigners exhibitions in education

Across Europe, exhibitions are used as a common educational practice to enhance learners’ critical thinking, problem solving and reflection. A common use of exhibition by schools is to organise a visit, which has positive learning value in a diversity of structures (outdoor, museums, temporary exhibitions, etc) or settings and on a large variety of topics (art, history, sciences, etc), yet, it remains a fairly passive learning experience, based on following a path of discovery decided by somebody else, i.e. the museum…

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Training Resources : HIT project Curriculum

The #HITproject curriculum has at its heart the concept of ‘Hate Interrupter Teams’ (HIT): working groups of young people (14-19) who, through participatory and inclusive practices based on the arts facilitated by Youth work practitioners can create tools and develop strategies to counter hate speech and behavior towards migrants (HSBM) in their communities, at school and among their peers. Download here the HIT curriculum in English. The Hate Interrupter Team (HIT) curriculum emphasizes active citizenship and social inclusion, promoting self-initiative,…

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#ACTIVproject : Acting and collaborating to tackle intimate partner violence

The #ACTIVproject has as its main objective the socioprofessional (re)integration of women confronted with domestic violence. According to a study by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA, 214), 1 in 3 women in Europe “has experienced physical and/or sexual violence since she was 15 years old” and 1 in 5  “has experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence”. A situation which has worsened following the Covid-19 crisis. A situation which has worsened following the Covid-19 crisis. Highlighting the…

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26 Nov 2020 – Press conference #HITproject

Event in Spanish and Catalan (hours from 11:00 to 12:00)   Facebook: PRESS RELEASE CEPS Projectes Socials in Barcelona, invites media professionals, teachers, educators, young people and everyone who is interested, to participate in this event where the videos and other material created by young people against hate speech and behavior and racism will be presented, promoted by #HITproject ( 11:00 Welcome – gigi guizzo, CEPS, project coordinator in Barcelona 11:10 Presentation of the videos and actions of the…

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The RAIN.BOW project aims to promote social inclusion and positive values ​​through the introduction of non-formal educational methods in schools. The project will create a diverse community that will be formed to create and promote campaigns of tolerance and peace. Thanks to the design approach, each target group (high school teachers and students) will internalize concepts and strategies that will allow them to promote common values ​​and civic skills. At the beginning of the project, the partners will develop a…

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#HITproject best practice manual for youth empowerment

The Best practice Manual has been developed within the framework of the #HITproject for the empowerment of young people to counter hate speech. It is aimed at young people, local authorities, civil society organizations active in the field of human rights, including national contact points for the Hate Discourse Movement, media professionals, educators. The #HITproject promotes “Hate Interrupter Teams”: Young people countering hate speech towards migrants and minorities through a participatory and creative campaign (“HIT”). It is a 24-month project,…

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***APLAÇAMENT DE L’ACTIVITAT FINS A NOVA DATA*** Taller de 8 hores on treballarem els principis bàsics de com aplicar l’eina dels Playmobil® i la mirada sistèmica dins la mediació i la resolució de conflictes. Preu: 80€ i pels associats al CEESC o ACDMA 50€. En aquesta proposta hi té cabuda la part teòrica i, sobretot, la part pràctica, ja que estarem utilitzant els Playmobil® amb dinàmiques per veure diferents opcions i la seva funcionalitat dins un procés de mediació. Docent:…

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#ReSolutionEU project

We present the #ReSolutionEU project in short: In view of the increased difficulty facing European actors in charge of social or professional support for people who are distant from employment, the #ReSolutionEU project aims to train professionals to innovate in (re) mobilization of these audiences. People who are distant from employment are a heterogeneous group within the population aged 15 to 64, whose socio-occupational integration is a major issue, particularly vulnerable young people “neither in employment, nor in education, nor…

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